Adidas | Bouncing Ball

A revolution in running.


How do you explain a groundbreaking new material for a running shoe in the simplest and most universal language?


The Boost material developed for a new Adidas running shoe was like nothing we had ever seen. It literally reacts as if it had endless energy. Flubber was the closest comparison we could think of for a similar material. So, when comparing Boost to the old EVA (standard shoe cushioning) we felt a no nonsense, no smoke and mirrors, no visual effects approach was best. We wanted the product to live up to its potential and show what it could do on its own.

Dropping three steel balls side by side was the most effective yet minimal approach to compare the impact and reaction they had to concrete, standard shoe cushioning and Boost side by side. It’s something anyone could understand without having to create a narrative to describe the unique material.

We utilized the phantom camera and shot over 1000 frames per second, to capture the endless flex of the material.

Translated into 19 languages and viewed globally with close to 4.5 million views on the Adidas youtube channel, the video received a huge standing ovation at the global marketing summit in Germany.