Dexter | All in the Family

“I normally don’t think of myself as…. human”


With the success of the previous years webisodes that we created for Showtime and Dexter, we were invited back to complete another full length episode of Early Cuts.

Working with writer Scott Reynolds, we took a look at Dexter in his early years at the precinct. Deb herself as a rookie, working the prostitute beat. Those familiar with the show, will see our bit cameo that we gave to Officer Doakes.

When preparing the project, we wanted to investigate the possibility of working with another comic book artist that didn’t necessarily fit the conventional style of your typical webisode creative. So we invited award winning comic book legend David Mack to join the team. Best known for his work on the Daredevil series, David also has a cult following for his Kabuki series. His style is unique, from detailed watercolors to mixed media collage.

  • PGA Award – Nominated – Outstanding Digital Series
  • Writers Guild Awards – Nominated – Outstanding achievement in writing derivative new media