Dexter | Dark Echo

“I’m not here to do keg stands, I’m here for much more.”


We had the honor to work with Showtimes online digital team to take on the task of creating a motion comic for Dexter; which happens to be one of our favorite shows. Earlier versions of an animated Dexter featured a very simple illustration style. Showtime wanted to try something new and fresh… Something more gritty and dirty.

We proposed working with a handful of different A list comic book artists that had a very unconventional approach to illustrating stories . When we created a motion test from the artwork that comic legend Bill Sienkewicz created in his book Big Numbers, written by Alan Moore.

The client loved our work and we immediately connected with Bill and began the process of creating the story of Dexter in his college days. Since Bills artwork was so full of texture, it really created a challenge for us to bring the project to life. We worked on breaking apart massive watercolors, charcoal sketches, doodles, and acrylic paintings.

In final, we created 6 unique episodes to tell one story about Dexters Early Cuts. These were shown on Showtimes website, their youtube channel and prior to Dexters season 7 premiere.