(Everything is) Debatable


"I was frozen there, paralyzed and floating in the air…" The first line in the new single from Hellogoodbye sparked a conversation between Forrest Kline (hellogoodbye singer and songwriter) and ourselves. Being that the background of the song was about an experience Kline had with sleep paralysis when he was younger, we set out to create an entire video about the effects of drifting in and out of sleep and the sensation of uncontrollable floating.

Kline was born in Ashland Oregon, and we are based in Portland. So it seemed fitting to have him revisit the Pacific Northwest to use as the backdrop for the video.

Shot over the course of two days in Portland and Opal Creek Ancient Forest, the video debuted on Vevo and had more than 80,000 views in the first two days. The video helped promote the bands first arena tour across the country which kicked off the day after the videos premiere in Seattle Wa.