Portugal. the Man | Do You

The Satanic Satanist.


Portland Oregon, by way of Wasilla Alaska band Portugal. the Man creates music that evolves from one album to the next. They’re on a constant identity venture. We wanted to create a vision quest of that journey. The band and Decoys Creative Director Ryan Rothermel are both huge fans of lo-fi 70s science fiction movies. Taking elements from John Carpenters Dark Star and Alejandro Jodorowskys Holy Mountain, we created a spiritual descent of a cult leader who is unsure of his own self belief, the result sends him back to the womb for self reflection.

Working with PVC and neon acrylic, we constructed the entire set, including the field of light bulbs.

The video is one of the bands most viewed videos on their youtube channel (well above 625,000), along with it being the most talked about between the fans looking deeper into the visuals we created.